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Educational Psychologist - Creative PartnerEducational Psychologist - Creative Partner
Laura Brown Consulting;Educational Psychologist - Creative Partner


“During my tenure at Nick Jr., Laura was a trusted advisor and was instrumental in helping Nick shape many of our leading programs and brands. Her expertise in child development and the insights she draws from research result in meaningful changes to every show she works on. Laura’s deep understanding of our audience made her one of our key educational experts”

~ Teri Weiss
Former Executive Vice President, Programming and Development, Nickelodeon Preschool

“I have worked with Laura on several Disney Junior programs and consider her insights invaluable to our development and production process. Laura is able to quickly identify the key entertainment and educational elements in a program and then determine how best to marry the two. She has a strong sense of story and character, which makes her a valued addition to creative teams. Her skill with young children enables her to elicit useful feedback from them and incorporate that into our shows. Passionate and dedicated, Laura is a pleasure to work with and I know our writers, producers and directors feel the same.”

~ Nancy Kanter
Executive Vice President, Original Programming and General Manager, Disney Junior Worldwide

“Laura and I have collaborated on several projects, including Gaspard and Lisa, Olivia and Peter Rabbit and she always proves to be a valued partner in the development and/or production of pre-school properties. As a curriculum advisor, she not only exhibits tremendous instincts and audience expertise, but is particularly skilled at identifying an educational direction that is a seamless outgrowth of the creative. Her ability to listen, filter through the clutter, process and strategize solutions is an integral part of our productions’ success. Laura and her research team always deliver findings that are comprehensive and insightful and improve our final product.”

~ Paula Rosenthal
Executive Vice President, Creative Content at Silvergate Media

“Laura is one of my favorite people to work with in children’s television — and I say that even when I’m not on her website. I’ve worked with her on five different series, and roughly 3 kajillion episodes, and she’s always been an incredibly valuable creative collaborator. Not only does she bring expertise about the audience and curriculum, but she also has such a strong grasp on storytelling. She’s helped me understand how kids learn, what they laugh at, and what engages them in a story. She’s made all of my scripts better. She’ll probably even have a couple of good notes on this blurb.”

~ Adam Peltzman
Creator, Wallykazam! and head writer, Blue’s Clues and The Backyardigans

“Laura has a strong sense of story and character, which makes her a valued addition to creative teams.”

~ Nancy Kanter
Disney Junior Worldwide