Laura Brown Consulting
Educational Psychologist - Creative PartnerEducational Psychologist - Creative Partner
Laura Brown Consulting;Educational Psychologist - Creative Partner


Laura Brown Consulting


  • We help you understand your audience and the current state of the market.
  • We evaluate the appeal and comprehensibility of the material you currently have (e.g. concept, format, characters, visuals, storylines, game ideas, etc.) from both the child’s and the caregiver’s perspectives and suggest potential revisions if necessary.
  • We consult on bible and pitch development, all stages of scripting, storyboard and animatic review, and prototype review.


  • We identify curricular areas, and together we decide what best fits your concept.
  • We write a curriculum and work with you to integrate it organically into all aspects of your property.
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  • We research your materials with your target audience to aid and inform the next stage of the project.
  • Laura supervises every research project and the research team also includes an experienced group of professionals.
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A typical process works like this:

  • Review and provide feedback on initial materials.
  • Curriculum development and implementation.
  • Ongoing consultation as more material is developed.
  • Formative research as materials become available.
  • Although most clients find they need all these services, each service is available on its own, too.

“During my tenure at Nick Jr., Laura was a trusted advisor and was instrumental in helping Nick shape many of our leading programs and brands.”

~ Teri Weiss
Former EVP
Nickelodeon Preschool