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Laura Brown Consulting;Educational Psychologist - Creative Partner


A curriculum identifies the learning goals for the property, explains why the learning area is important, and specifies how the goals will be achieved.

Curricula vary greatly. I have crafted currricula in traditional academic areas like literacy and math, and curricula that focus on less “academic” areas like social/emotional learning.

The best curricula are developed as the property is developed. This prevents the educational material from feeling “tacked on”. The curriculum also ideally aligns with characters’ personalities and interests so the learning material flows from the creative choices that have been made.


Wallykazam! is a literacy show about a five-year-old troll with a magic stick that makes words come to life. The literacy curriculum is embedded in narrative stories that model rich language and story structure while providing practice in early reading skills.

The Happy Hugglemonsters is a pre-school series about a large and close knit monster family, led by five-year-old Henry. As Henry learns how to understand and manage his emotions, and develop concern for others, so, too, do the viewers at home.

Peter Rabbit tells stories about the optimistic and resilient Peter Rabbit. Through his reaction to temporary setbacks, every story models some skill or value, key to the development of optimism and resilience.

“Laura has helped me understand how kids learn, what they laugh at, and what engages them in a story. She’s made all my scripts better.”

~ Adam Peltzman
Creator, Wallykazam!
and Head Writer, Blue’s Clues and The Backyardigans